The Plural of Apocalypse


3/9 - 3/10/16

Right as they’re about to go into the house, Philix and Terrwyn both have a vision.

In Philix’s vision, Philix sees himself angrily pounding a door that is apparently barred from the inside. His skin looks damaged, his hair is a mess, and a thin steam or smoke is rising from his clothes. Wet footprints are tracked behind him. He can hear feminine screams from the other side of the door. He turns and looks behind him and there is his familiar/staff in it’s cat form, holding a human hand in it’s mouth.

In Terwyn’s Premonition she sees herself standing in front of a tattered, half naked young woman (the ME) who is covered in blood and mud and leaves. The woman’s eyes are wild and desperate, and she has a gun aimed at Terwyn in shaking hands. Suddenly, her perspective shifts, such that she is behind the woman, and the woman shoots Mason.

After Terrwyn and Philix enter, they open the room to the left. Inside, there’s a large meal that has been left out for some time. Giving the food closer inspection, Philix realized that the meat that is included in the meal, along with veggies and such, is actually human flesh (very rare).

They open an organ room as well as an enclosed porch that they originally saw Janice from. They then opened the kitchen across the hall. When Philix stepped into the room, he started becoming electrocuted, and Terrwyn tried to pull Philix from the room (inadvertently using her new angel wings power). It doesn’t go to plan, and they ultimately end up in some sort of alternate dimension.
Philix removes this I.D. and it is indeed a P.I. license, licensed to him from Los Angeles County, CA. It is the ID for one Oswald Adamson. We ask him to explain himself, and in noir detective style, he tells his story.

“It all started in the classic way; I heard her before I saw her, stiletto heels stalking a purposeful rhythm in the hall outside my door. Coming straight for my office, inevitable as death. She was blonde and classy of course, and she had the expected tale. Her younger sister had vanished and the circumstances didn’t look good.

I found myself following an animal that walked like a man. Like most animals he left a tale behind him. Tales of darkness and woe, of violence and disapperances. But what was interesting about this particular trail was that it ended at a cage. Steven Bark had been picked up on a bench warrant and was going to spend a year cooling his heels in the state pen. I was patient and my client was loaded. I kept an eye on him.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one. A certain ME had a prisoner fetish, and that wasn’t her only loose screw. She was an apocalypse survivalist, zombie flavor. I guess she lost it once her pet got himself turned into dog food. She whipped the city into a zombie frenzy and faked her own disappearance. Now she’s at the center of a compound that’s probably got enough food for years and traps for an army.

I take my faithful pooch Atlas and load for bear, but I am ambushed by a group of strangers, including a giant cat and a guy who can shoot ice out of his hands. This is going to be a long, dark night.”

We have him remove his glasses, and disarm him of both his pistol and dagger, and his eyes are definitely off-putting. There just isn’t a “light” in his eyes, they are quite dead-like. Drake asks him, “what are you?” To which he replies, “I hoped you could tell me.”

We decide to trust him for the time being, and move into the house. Oddly enough, we don’t see Terrwyn or Philix in the house, but we do find Philix’s staff, Fawx, laying in the pool of water that blankets the floor of the kitchen. Mason spots the fact that a wire has been frayed and put into the water. Drake freezes the water in that area of the floor and then they’re able to get the staff without issue.

Not long after, two women come down the stairs with a gun pointed at us. Mason intimidates them into dropping the gun. As we deliberate on where to go next, and what might have happenned to our compatriots, we hear shattering glass upstairs. Mason goes upstairs to investigate, while Drake goes outide to prevent them from escaping.

Drake succcessfully guessed the side of the home they were trying to escape out of, then barred their path with ice walls. Mason then catches up, but before we can really interrogate them, the house begins to burn.

Drake surrounds the house in an ice dome, starving the fire, and putting out the blaze.
Now that things have calmed down some, we have a chance to talk with the women at greater length. We find out that the man we encountered came to them, thinking that they really had been working with a man raised from the dead, and that he could learn things from him about his own “condition”.

He questioned them at length about the man, how he came back, how he subsisted, and other such things. Despite insisting that it was all a hoax, he just didn’t believe him. Two of the women were Janice and her assistant, while the third was some other woman that the man had kidnapped separately.

This third woman, who is now missing an arm and a leg, is the one that he was carving pieces off of in order to eat her slowly.

In summary, it all becomes clear that The Undead Killer was in fact a hoax, but it attracted an actual undead to the area. Who, in the chaos that erupted when the women fled through the window, slipped away unnoticed into the swamp.
We are able to track him down to a New York hotel, where we bust in on him, prevent his escape, and ultimately kill him. After which he dissolves into a pile of dust. Terrwyn gathers up a couple small jars of the dust (in case there’s any sort of spell or ritual that would call for it).

Already being in the New York area, we decide to investigate the supernatural occurrence that was on our radar for the area.




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