The Plural of Apocalypse



As we are leaving the hotel where we found & killed the zombie, Philix and Terrwyn have visions.

Philix sees himself pointing accusingly at an apparently Hindu woman dressed in fine robes, lounging beneath a skylight that is bathing her body in a bright radiance. He says, “The child is a divine gift in the manner of all children. But you have always been a monster.”

Terwyn sees herself lying trapped in the wreckage of an overturned car. Water is beginning to rush in, threatening to drown her. She concentrates, but nothing happens, and a voice whispers through the rushing torrent, “Not until you pay the price…”

It’s not yet biblical, but it is fair to say that New York is beginning to look a bit Spielbergian. A hurricane has nestled itself above the city, pounding it with torrential rain, and crowning it with a halo of flickering lightning. Immediately beyond the confines of Manhattan Island, the air is clear, with glittering stars gracing a velvet sky.

About half of the bridges into the city are closed due to the weather, with the other half clogged with gridlocked traffic. The news is stating emergency travel only, but the New Yorkers are having none of that. Tempers are flaring, and more than one fist fight has broken out. No shots fired… yet.

Normally, the Big Apple would not shut down to due a “mere” Category 1 Hurricane, but this one has been around for more than a week. Due to the positioning and unusual longevity, some news pundits are connecting it to the kidnapping of the so-called “Kali Baby”, a Hindu child born with 4 arms. However, most news services dismiss this as a coincidence. Flooding is severe in some parts of the city, as in ‘well over your head’.

We try to make our way to the home of the family that the baby was kidnapped from, but our way is blocked when we come to a section of the city where water has risen as high as two stories above the street.

Our way blocked, we decide to instead go to the nearest police station and try to gather information there. When we arrive, we try to pass ourselves off as FBI but this inadvertently backfires; earning some ill will from the officers. Apparently, the real FBI has already stepped in on the investigation, taken it over, and the NYPD are effectively shut out of the investigation.

We still probe for some information and learn that the first NYPD detective on the case was one a man named Chandra Salim. He is not there at the police station. Additionally, we learn that FBI agent Spencer forest is spearheading the investigation. Lastly we’re able to learn that one of the four-armed baby’s parents, Nadira, has returned to Iraq since their baby was kidnapped; apparently with plans to divorce their spouse.

Philix, on a hunch, searched for temples in the city. Cross referencing that with the current placement of the storm, we realize that there is a temple right in the middle of the eye of the hurricane.

Assuming this to be no coincidence, we get a boat from down by the docks and start making our way inland. It’s a treacherous journey, the scale of damage and debris we encounter becoming greater the farther we go, but we ultimately get into the eye of the storm unscathed.

Once in the eye, things become almost tranquil. We see the temple in question, on top of a hill, and start making our way towards it. As we land, a variety of people apparently in some sort of daze start to come towards us. As we start making our way to the temple, they outright block our path.

At first, we can’t get any response out of them besides “you are not expected”, but we soon find that if we ask them “how do we make an appointment?” they then go inside to find out. Doing this to the rest of the people, we’re then able to get into the temple.

There, we find a woman feeding the four-armed baby as well as a variety of people in a similar daze to the people we found before. She orders them to stop us, calmly at first; but when Mason starts being violent, things escalate quickly. Her instruction to her drones becomes “kill them”. We fight off the first wave of them, avoid them entirely, or get buried by them. She starts to try and retreat from the room, but Drake bars the door with magic and Jack paralyzes her with magic.

She then starts to emit some sort of strange tone that caused Mason to fall under her spell. Then, instead of seeing regular people under a spell, he saw zombies. Having a fervent hatred of zombies, he immediately started killing them.

Terrwyn had escaped that first wave by taking flight, and then landed near the woman and the baby. Not knowing her intent with the baby, she took it from her, and then used her Angel Wings power taking her and the baby back to the police station we went to earlier. She turned over the baby and dodged/answered their questions.

As soon as she finds a moment that she isn’t under direct supervision, she again used her Angel Wings power to disappear and suddenly and mysteriously as she appeared there in the first place.

The baby out of harm’s way, but not themselves, the rest of the team started a tactical retreat; or cleansing in the case of Mason. We managed to make our way outside, and after Mason had dealt with the last of the “zombies”, he then started to turn on us. We promptly knocked him out at about the same time that a helicopter descended on the hill and unloaded a small team of men in black suits. They enter the mosque and then quickly exit carrying the woman, bound thoroughly, and get back into their helicopter. Before they leave, one of them stops and tells that “the ‘IS’ thanks you.”




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