The Plural of Apocalypse

Just Desserts

3/1 - 3/2/16

As we bed down for the night, Philix has a vision where he is in front of several plates of uncooked meats. A mysterious military man speaks to him explaining that it will be painful, but the process will make him stronger and safer than he was before.

Terrwyn also has a vision where she was lying on a table, unable to move, and the creature approached. Then the creature spoke to her and said “Now I’m going to eat you, just like in the story, or is that the other way round.”

She then took a shower, and while she was in there, the receptionist (Ellen Ruben) knocked on Terrwyn’s door. While it took a while before she was welcomed into her room, along with her plate of cookies, she then gossiped with Terrwyn about some of the eventful things that have happening in town lately (i.e. the shenanigans that the team has been getting up to during the day).

One event that the team wasn’t responsible for is a local, Robert Janice, who lost his assistance animal, a spider monkey, named Bieber recently. Additionally, scratched in the wall were the words: “Monkey Bananas”.

Ellen then asks Terrwyn to join her as she leaves the room. Terrwyn follows her to the local bar and among the memorabilia of the (somewhat) famous people that have visited, there is a portrait of her from many years past; back when she was part of a traveling act and was the mind reader of the group.

One of the last things she talks about is that she thinks the happenings bear a lot of similarity to old native American lore where a man would take on the attributes of animals and increase their power.

Overnight, Philix studies the materials we gathered the day before and learns that it was an extended process leading up to Gunnar’s current form. When he was first brought in, he had a wiry frame, but became much more muscular over time. There were also complications with extreme pain, allergic reactions, and one of the three subjects even died. It was only recently that Gunnar started mutating more severely and taking on animal-like traits. We were able to learn the following people’s names:

Animal owner victims: Robert Janice, Wilton Cushing, Henry Carl, and Peter Price.

Gunnar has grudges against: Todd Brown, William Logos, and Helen Candlewick. All scientists that experimented on him.

We visit Robert Janice’s home, and find that he is a morbidly obese man. As we learn from the woman who first answered the door, a nurse/caretaker, the monkey was apparently his only caregiver before today. Terrwyn distracts & questions Robert while the rest of the team investigate around his home. In the garage, where the monkey’s habitat was kept, we find the words …


… scratched into the drywall. The team investigates traditionally but doesn’t learn much of use. Robert was beginning to get wise of our activity elsewhere in his home, and causing damage, but before he had a chance to kick us out Drake used magic to look back to when the creature was there. Most of the drama he was able to perceive was actually Gunnar ranting at Robert about what a waste of skin he is and how he should be ashamed for having a monkey that does what a human staff member could more reasonably do.

We then leave Robert’s home and regroup at the van. Uncertain where to go, Drake then focused his sight into the future this time while looking at a television, tuned to the local news channel, and saw that William Logos’ home was burning down at the time of the local news (10 pm) and saw the location of the home. This shorted out the television, but we did ultimately learn information. (Drake agreed to replace Mason’s television.)

We went to William’s home and tried to pose as I.S. agents that had been hired to protect him, but it was pretty obvious that he didn’t buy it. So, we broke in before he could close the door, wrestled him to the ground, and kidnapped him.

We all got back into the van and made our way to Bear River State Park to wait until sundown and use Mr. Lagos as bait. While we were waiting, a pick-up truck containing several male and one female redneck came up the same road that we had come in on. The female redneck pointed out the van and they all then drove up, and got out to confront us. As they approached, Drake used magic to block their path, the team regrouped, and drove deeper into the park.

We proceeded off of the available roads and trails, and went off road deeper into the woods until we could no longer proceed in the van. We then waited until dusk when we noticed a mysteriously out-of-place fog rolling in towards us, as well as noiseless chopper overhead. We then got out of the van in order to confront the force coming towards us under the cover of the fog.

Once the fog had enveloped, the agents (assumedly I.S.?) jumped the team trying to tackle, sedate, and otherwise subdue the team. Using magic, brawn, and teamwork we dispatched most of our assailants. However, when a spell went wrong, intended to trap one foe in a sinkhole, a large sinkhole roughly 30 feet wide and 15 feet deep swallowed everyone except Terrwyn (who had taken flight as the ground began to rumble).

While the team members in the pit collected themselves, and started to climb their way out, Gunnar came up to the pit out of the woods. Terrwyn came up to him and conversed with him for a short time, offering to try and help him, but ultimately learned that he wouldn’t accept her help; thinking it to be more experiments. Additionally, she learned that he was seeking out Logos to eat his brains. The hope being that he would be able to halt the deterioration of his own human thought, reasoning, and general faculties.

As soon as Philix was out of the pit, he attacked Gunnar, and the fight with the beast began in earnest. Drake was able to force Gunnar off-balance and into the pit. We then continued to fire at him and do damage, but Gunnar turned his attention to Logos now that he was in the pit with him. Thankfully, Drake was able to encapsulate Logos in ice before he could.

Jack again mis-cast and plunged the entire sinkhole into flames. Gunnar tried to climb out, but was knocked back in with the combined efforts of Philix and Terrwyn. Where Gunnar then screamed in agony, thrashed, but ultimately fell silent & still. Using Magic, Drake lifted up the ice cocoon containing Logos out of the inferno, andwhile he was worse for wear, the scientist was alive.

The team then gathered up into the van, along with Logos, dropped off Logos on a bus bench, left him with a burner to phone to call 911, and got the hell out of Dodge.

As we drove, we called Tbell and reported our progress & success. That we were making our way back to San Francisco to board the ship, and then make our way to Miami, Florida. To investigate the mystery surrounding a serial killer that has claimed to be immortal and is taunting the authorities. Especially after being pronounced dead after a showdown with local police, being shipped to the morgue, and then escaping from there. Moreover, his victims have vanished from the morgue and local graves.



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