The Plural of Apocalypse



The morning before we disembark, Philix has a vision. In the vision, Philix sees himself on his knees in front of Mason, clutching a bleeding wound in his arm. Mason, his face filled with anguish and determination, is holding Philix’s wrist with his knife at inside of the elbow, saying, “I have to do this, it’s for the best.” He then hears himself scream as Mason begins to cut into his arm.

Terrwyn also had a vision. In her vision she sees herself standing in front of a tattered, half naked young woman who is covered in blood, mud, and leaves. The woman’s eyes are wild and desperate, and she has a gun aimed at Terrwyn in shaking hands. Behind the woman, a very familiar Shadow leans out and points at the frightened woman, nodding, with her blank silhouette somehow carrying the hint of a smile. Terrywn hears her own voice saying, “No… not her, not now.”

First thing we do when we get into town is select a hotel. We opt for a Country Inn that’s roughly halfway between the everglades and the part of Miami where the killer was shot down.

Country Inn:

We park outside the hotel and use the Van’s Wi-Fi to do some general & initial research. Through this we learn of some people we may want to interview which include Joe Spain, Phillip Nan, and Frank Chang. All are people whose relatives were killed by the serial killer, and in turn, the remains of their loved ones are currently missing. Bodies went missing from a funeral home, a morgue, and a graveyard respectively. The one that went missing from the morgue was killed just a day before the killer’s showdown with the police and his “resurrection”. Which was about two weeks previous to the current date.

We learn that the killer, Steven Bark, was a relatively nondescript man before his “resurrection”. The killer was gunned down by cops when he tried to flee police custody after being confronted outside a singles bar/bowling alley, Strike Miami. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Since then, he has become known as The Undead Killer.

We decide to eat at a local, relatively classy, seafood restaurant. We each order different dishes, and in different ways, each dish doesn’t quite taste right to us. For Terrwyn, her salad tastes like there’s ash in it. While Mason’s food tastes coppery, Philix’s tasted spoiled, and Drake’s just didn’t quite taste right. We asked our waitress over about it, but she hasn’t received complaints from any of their other patrons. While we’re talkin, we ask her about what she may know about the killer and the events surrounding them; but she doesn’t know anything we didn’t also find online. She does however give us directions to Strike Miami; which we decide will be our next stop.

We drive there and mingle with the crowd that has gathered at the bar, nightclub, and bowling alley combo. It’s no hole in the wall, but it isn’t an upscale place either. It’s very obviously a decent bar & grill that, as somewhat of a gimmick, also has several bowling lanes it supports. We split up and each interview guests and/or staff to find people that witnessed the gunfight that happened between the police and the killer in the parking lot outside.

We don’t learn much other than the fact that the killer was shot several times in quick succession and dropped inanimately; showing that the killer may very well have been dead before he hit the ground. The officers approached with some caution, disarmed the corpse for good measure, but were then largely unconcerned with the body from that point. An ambulance arrived, inspected the body relatively quickly, packed it up into a body bag, loaded it into the ambulance, and left the scene without using their lights or siren. Every witness we talk with just doesn’t believe that the same man they saw shot could be alive today.

Having learned nothing new, we decide to impersonate law officials and try to learn more at the local police station. We arrive and pose as FBI agents. We’re allowed to see the files in question, but when it came time to make a digital copy, our fake identities were challenged; the admin asking to verify us with our home office. We managed to dodge the verification, but did not get a copy of the files.

We learn that the ME responsible for his autopsy, Janice Kent, is under investigation, she has gone missing. Interviewing the pronouncing paramedic, Theodore Wayne, we learn that she and him were friends. Additionally, we learn the ME has a cabin out in the everglades.

Theodore claims that the whole thing started off as a joke, that has just gotten out of hand. The man never came back from the dead, they simply removed his body to make it look that way, but he was actually dead. It’s some other guy that is pretending to be the same man.

Even though it is already evening, we decide to head out to the everglades. We bribe one of the tour boat owners to let us take out one of his fan boats even though it’s pitch black out. We manage to navigate our way through the swamp.

As we arrive at the cabin, we’re assaulted by a strange man and his black dog. A melee ensues, the dog is taken down, the man frozen in place, and the man surrenders.

During the momentary calm, Terrwyn and Philix approach the cabin. The woman inside shoots at them, but after a little assuring, allows them inside.

In the meantime, Drake has gotten the mysterious man to stand down and talk. So, being a sucker for animals, Drake heals the dog. As he’s reaching into the man’s jacket, to pull out his “detective” identification, he whispers to Drake, “I am ready to do your bidding, Master.”




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